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Located in Pleasanton, we are a new church plant of Joyful Church (Korean).  We are a community of the broken, the weak, the lost, and the abandoned, who have found God's love in Jesus.  Our doors are open wide, so come and be part of our church!

Who Are We?


House Church

Our longing for community

We are a house church! We believe that the the house church is the best setting for us to open to God's love, and to grow in our love for each other.

"What did I get out of it?"
We tend to judge worship by focusing on ourselves.  Instead, true worship is about how much God got out of it.  True worship is about giving and surrendering ourselves to God.
Image by Guillaume de Germain

Value #1
True Worship


Value #3 Love

Cutest cabin we found in Iceland_edited_
"Discipleship is only for some people."
The privilege of discipleship belongs not to the dedicated few, but to all members.  Each person is gifted by God to build each other up, and everyone is essential for our total growth.

Value #4

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